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Seregélyes Gábor fotózás közben egy profi kamerát tartva

This is My story…

Everything started 10 years ago, when I was member of the first-rated Bubble Food team. I am thankful beyond to the my boss back in those days, Michael Collins, for his limitless support. He was the one who first saw the talent in me, which, even myself hasn’t believed to be there at that time. I am thankful to my friend, Jenő Rácz as well, who always supported my and stood by my side. Although, it happened in the beginning that despite of all my efforts I did not manage to do everything as I planned, the inspiring working environment always gave me strength. For my continuous strive to learn, besides the challenging studio shootings I spent all my time on online workshops.


In a short time I became a huge fan of shooting and especially of culinary shootings. There was a time when I even created unique, hand-made tools to maximize the excellence of my work. The love of photography comes from these times and lasts until this very day. 5 years ago I already had a client circle in Hungary and it makes me proud to say that I’m honoured to work with clients who are exceptional professionals in their own field and have national and international reputation. The challenge of the present is the always amusing interior, subject and commercial shooting, but I am more than glad to take gastro and event photos for my beloved clients, no matter if we have working together for years or just started a journey together.

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